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C.O.M.A : A Kuroko no Basuke Fanwork




Hayama Kotarō, Kuroko no Basuke © 藤巻 忠俊 Fujimaki Tadatoshi

é t o n n a n t


Sadness and Sorrow by Aeveternal
Sadness and Sorrow
I've had a pretty rough day today and so has my sister. Drawn while listening to pleasant songs.

Weiss Färber © Aeveternal
Sapphire by Aeveternal
First painting with my new Intuos Manga Pen and Touch. Painted with Windows 8 Fresh Paint.

Sapphire (Pokémon Adventures) © Hidenori Kusaka

art © Aeveternal
AHA: Camille Lefebvre and Suhail by Aeveternal
AHA: Camille Lefebvre and Suhail

My friends and I miss roleplaying and character creation, so we made a new group called AkumaHuntaAcademy. Anyone is free to join, but just remember to send us your application bundled with your Join Request.

Anyhow, here's my character, Camille. I created her back in December for another group, but that one died so I've been wanting to repurpose her.

Name: Camille Lefévre

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5'10"

Rank: 1

Key Friends/Family: Jean Lefévre (father, deceased), Emillie Lefévre (mother, deceased), Suhail (???)

| Impervious and Complacent |  Having been raised by kind, caring parents and never to have faced a real problem in her life, Camille easily accepts things as they are and doesn't truly make an effort to change the course of anything. If she wasn't too nice or forgiving, she would actually be a master of not giving a fuck about anything or anyone.

| Adroit |  Camille's father was a blacksmith and a swordsman, and he fought with the same swords he forged in his own workshop. He passed his skills down to his only child, and furthermore taught her the things she didn't normally learn at school. Camille was a child prodigy, and was praised in both her academic achievements and her swordsmanship.

| Candor | Camille isn't the type to judge others or dub them as anything. She will openly hear you out and will not interject with her own convictions (unlike a certain demon *cough*Suhail*cough*). She will, though, stop you from doing unnecessary things that could cause yourself and/or others harm.

| Surprisingly Foul-mouthed | Yes. Yes she is. Deal with it.


Demon's Name: Suhail

Demon's Gender: Male, by default. He prefers to stay in this form since his female form has a lot of...uh...extra weight on her. *cough*boobies*cough*

Demon's Species: Incubus

Demon's Personality:
| (Over)Confident | Suhail takes pride in many things about himself: his looks, his accent, his body, his vast knowledge of sex positions, etc. He's also been alive for quite a while, so he's confident in his knowledge of history and culture (though most of it is biased).

| Dominant/Imposing | Given that he's  an incubus, he likes to be on top. And he has...uh, a bad habit of pinning people down or against walls if really wants to make a point. Dirty thoughts aside, Suhail forces himself on others and refuses to obey the rules or orders (even from his partner).

| Obstinate | He's quite stubborn, to say it simply. Suhail's views and opinions remain unchanged even when the odds are stacked against him. This attitude gets him in tight spots often.

| Deceitful and Inimical | Suhail is likes to fool around, but he, too, is mean-spirited and can take things to a different level as quickly as he gets involved with some predicament. He tricks people into doing awful deeds, and he wangles money and goods from all sorts of folk. This can come in handy, though, as it's easy to make a quick buck if you have him around.


Weapon: Rapier (male form),  épée (female form, not shown)

Health - 1000

Stamina - 12

Speed - 11

Strength - 11

Magic - 13

Defense - 6

Magic Resist - 7

Fighting Style: Don't let that pretty face fool you. Camille is light on her feet and deadly with a sword in hand. She was trained in the art of fencing by her father, so her offensive style is mostly slashing and stabbing but it can change from mellifluous movements to breakneck blows. She's particularly good at parrying, though this skill is proven useless if her opponent brings down a heavy blow that she can't counter.

As for Suhail, he's agile, and precise with his attacks. He can induce the location of his opponent's weak spot(s) and take them down before they can even get the chance to act. Strangely enough, Suhail's red demon flames turn blue when he becomes Camille's rapier.

Now, with Suhail as Camille's sword, she can fire ranged attacks with his demon flame by slashing in the general direction of her target. The sword itself glows with the power infused to it, and it deals greater than damage than its normal form.

Weaknesses: Much like her demon, her defenses are low. A good hit in the gut would knock her out easily.

| Hellfire | A primary, magic-based attack. It is executed as either a rain of fire or as numerous, gigantic fireballs launched at the target.

| Ameliorate |  A healing type of magic. It mends wounds, cures ailments, and banishes evil spirits from the vicinity. When casted, a blue fireball is blasted into the sky and then explodes into a shower of light.

| Nike's Blow |  A finishing attack done with a series of quick and precise slashes with a glowing blade.


History: Suhail roams freely as a demon. He has no limits by physical or moral means. He sleeps for most of the day, and hunts for his prey by sundown. He believes in the fact that human life is corrupted and imperfect, and laughs at those who think they can turn that fact around. So it wouldn't be a surprise for Camille to catch his attention.

During one of his travels, Suhail was in Camille's town doing his usual thing---bedding men and women (as he was able to transform between genders), here and there. Then there was that particular night when he didn't have a ball so he wasn't as tired the next day. He woke up early, around two hours before eventide, and spotted Camille exiting a bakery and looking pretty satisfied with herself as she held a bag close to her chest. Suhail tailed her from the rooftops as she hurried off somewhere. He followed her to what looked like a petit house with a smithing shop connected to it. Camille entered the shop, put her bag down, and embraced a man covered in dirt and oil. Suhail understood that the man was her father, and the workshop and house was her home.

Instead of heading on to another place, Suhail stayed for a while longer in the area. On some nights, he would venture into the farmlands surrounding the town and find a good woman to sate his thirst. But he would often swing by Camille's house and observe her. She fascinated him---from her hair to her freckles to her cult-obsessed mother to her luminary reputation as a swordswoman. She lived a quaint life, and was pure and good-spirited. There was nothing wrong with her, but also everything was wrong. Suhail wanted to corrupt her, to stain that whiteness, that purity of hers then stand back to laugh at his work. So he plotted to take her, but something got in the way of his plans.

There was no question of Camille's beauty, and several men in town took a liking to her. Too much of it, you could say. Camille was well-aware of their malicious thoughts and outright rejected them in the past. (She had her sword ready if any of them even dared to test her patience.) As a way to seek revenge, the men went to her home while she was doing her regular visit to the local baker. Suhail kept switching his attention between Camille and her house a mile away from the baker's. He knew the men were up to no good, but he'd swoop in and grab Camille, anyway, so whatever they were going to do to her when she got home wasn't his business.

And then, there was fire and smoke. The immediate area around Camille's home exploded into panic, the noise of which prompted Camille to rush back without hesitation. Suhail flew up into the red-lit night sky and arrived at the scene before Camille did---the house was ablaze and people were trying to put the fire out but to no avail. Camille had come just in time to watch the structure collapse on itself and sent sparks everywhere. She collapsed on her knees and started crying and screaming, but then the men from earlier surrounded her and dragged her, kicking and screaming, into an alley far from anyone's eyes and ears. Instead of what Suhail thought they were going to do to her, they instead offered Camille a contract to be a lifelong protestitute. "So you can actually have a purpose in live besides making little knives with your daddy," they jeered. Camille was silent for a moment then she spat at them and scoffed.

"I'd rather eat shit and die first." And with no delay, she drew out her sword and starting slashing everywhere.

The next minute, dead bodies were littered around Camille and she stood in the pool of blood of her fallen enemies. That was the night her bloodlust awoke.

From a rooftop overlooking the scene, Suhail smirked before flying down to meet Camille. By instinct and in the heat of the moment, she pointed her sword at him, ready to slash, before he shot her a powerful, numbing gaze with his glowing red eyes. He slowly made his way over to her, throwing her sword aside and wrapping an arm around her waist.

"That was rather impressive, what you did back there. Would you like to...accompany me tonight? I'm sure you have nothing else in your agenda," Suhail remarked, rather mockingly, but Camille did not become upset with him. Instead, she collapsed into his arms and mumbled about being tired, not just with her body but 'of everything'. Suhail took her and did what any incubus would do. She was rather good, in his opinion, for someone who was limp and submissive, and he didn't give her any rest until he was satisfied.

Suhail didn't expect her to be that tired. She sleep for three days, the poor girl. He had to hide Camille in a barn along the outskirts of town in case the people had gone to search for her. When she came to, Suhail appeared to her without his horns nor wings, but she saw through him anyway.

" don't have to hide them. I know that you're a demon. But...what are you? Do you even have a name?"

Suhail chuckled. "Losing your parents in a fire and murdering a bunch of horny men doesn't really phase you, now does it?"

Camille looked down and frowned. "In all honesty, I've had nightmares of those events. I feared them, but I soon found myself accepting them as a reality. I...don't know why, though..."

"Did those nightmares involve a demon taking your virginity away?"

"Taking my---WHAT?!"

"Yes. That actually happened. Oh, and---before you start slicing me up---here." Suhail handed her a letter. It looked official, wax stamp and everything. "I found this lying next to you this morning, and it's addressed to you for some reason."

Camille warily swiped the letter from Suhail and opened it. Her eyes grew wide the more she read it, and Suhail got curious. "So, what does it say?"

"It's...I've been invited somewhere. An academy of some sort." She looked up at him, with a face of utter confusion and weakness. It made Suhail want to devour her again, but then wasn't the time for that. "What should I do?"

"Well, you've been invited someowhere. It would be rude to refuse the offer. And it's not like you've got anything else to do, right?"

Suhail accompanied Camille to the address stated in the letter, and later formed a contract by blood with her. Though he's sworn his loyalty to her, his stubborn attitude remains and he won't make any promises with suppressing his desires. 

Additional Info:
Camille has an extreme sweet tooth, to the point where she will only eat sweets for a week. And when she does eat something decent, she wears this blank, definitely-spacing-out expression while she chews her food. It is honestly difficult to tell is she likes the food or not.

Suhail has a tail, but doesn't find it very useful so he just hides it.


Preference for Roleplaying: I can do both para and script styles, though I prefer the later. Also, I'm most available on Skype.

Roleplay Sample:

| Paragraph |

Camille wasn't the type to care about anything besides polishing her hack-and-slash techniques in order to make her father proud. Her mother was virtually useless, and rather indulged in impratical pastimes like demonology and taxidermy. Their neighbors branded her as mad, and Camille couldn't beg to differ. Her father was probably the only one who cared about that woman.

"Emi, don't forget to eat," her father droned as he knocked on the locked door the sealed the entrance to the mother's 'sanctum'. He left a plate of food on the floor and walked away.

Camille was watching nearby, peeking through the small crack in her door. Their house was small so the corridors were just as small. Her father was a feet away, and she could clearly see that smudges of oil on his wrinkled hands. He's working too much again...I'll need to drop by the baker later and give Father a nice patisserie for his hard work, Camille thought to herself.

Just then, moans and low-toned chanting came from the mother's door. The wretched noise filled the corridor and reached Camille even when she closed her own door and covered her ears. She sat down on the floor, pulled her legs towards her, and began to chant as well. Her father had taught her a rhyme that would banish evil thoughts and spirits.

"Laissez-la s’apaiser de la bonne tempête,
Et que je dorme un peu puisque vous reposez...

| Script |

Camille: *stares down at a plate of soup and peas* ...where are my lemon squares and licorice...?

Suhail: Hey! Try thanking me for once! I went to hell and back just to get that.

Camille: *shifts her lazy gaze to Suhail and raises a brow at him* That statement right there is questionable.





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